Reporting Solutions

We offer custom reporting solutions to use your CareLogic EHR as efficiently as possible.CareLogic collects a fair amount of data for its billing, clinical, and compliance services, but providers often struggle to track and report this information in a useful and meaningful way. Health Priority Systems develops custom CareLogic reports using Pentaho, Access, SQL, and Excel.


Information About Reporting Solutions

Get the most relevant data from your system.

We recognize that one of the key benefits of using CareLogic is improved data collection, which supports many aspects of your organization’s efficiency. Regardless of whether you have internal or external reporting needs, we will provide a reporting solution that is right for you.

We create a variety of reports for finance, compliance, billing, and clinical departments, including:


  • Weekly Transfer Database – Gather 835 files and store them in one place for efficient analysis, chargeback and reversal
  • Overlap Report – Avoid double charges by tracking overlapping customer sessions


  • Internal Records Review – Reduce the paperwork and tedium of audit records
  • Case Summary – View the client’s last and next appointment, treatment plan, and assessment dates


  • Track lost revenue due to customers exceeding weekly or annual limits
  • Calculation of employee productivity based on cash received


  • In each program, clients are supported by diagnostics
  • Customer progress over time.
  • Are you facing accreditation or an onsite audit? Are you trying to determine if your doctors are being adequately compensated based on their productivity and the payments they receive?

Using the examples, we show you how we can help you get the data and reports you need. Your CareLogic system comes with many standard reports. Before tackling a custom written report, HPS reviews existing reporting options to determine if there is a better reporting solution we can offer. Our goal is to create better data consumers.