CareLogic is a cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) platform for medium to large behavioral health and human services organizations. The EHR system provides agencies with a variety of clinical, administrative, and financial functions, including scheduling, enrollment, treatment planning, benefit documentation, electronic prescribing, consumer engagement, billing, and reporting.


CareLogic is ONC-ATCB certified and can be used by a wide range of mental/behavioral health organizations, including psychiatry, psychology, therapy, counseling, addictions, and others. It is also compatible with mobile, outpatient, community, hospital and hospital facilities.

Our highly configurable EHR software provides providers with a robust set of clinical, administrative and financial functions including: scheduling, admission, treatment planning, benefits documentation, electronic prescribing, customer retention, billing and reporting.

Know The Features Of Carelogic

  • Planning – Improve productivity and work more efficiently at the front desk and in the field.
  • Revenue Management and Billing Cycle – To increase claims rate and facilitate audits, CareLogic’s claims engine and Golden Thread’s advanced features.
  • Analytics and Reports – An extensive library of interactive and dynamic reports and dashboards.
  • Performance Dashboards – Share real-time information across teams to identify areas for improvement and increase productivity.
  • Custom Form Builder Tools – Customize workflows to collect organization-specific documentation.
  • The Golden Thread: Ensure that assessment and treatment plan information is accurately integrated into the documentation.
  • Interdisciplinary Treatment Plan – Improve staff productivity with a streamlined and highly flexible treatment plan workflow.


  • IMPACT for Outcomes Management – Support better client outcomes with comprehensive, integrated screening, assessment, and outcomes tools.
  • Clinical Quality Measurement (CQM) Reports – Drive care and outcomes with CQM dashboards and reports.
  • Electronic prescriptions: Solve patient safety issues and reduce the risk of errors by managing prescriptions online.
  • Mobile App – Enjoy a mobile solution at the point of care, regardless of internet connection.
  • Consumer Engagement – Supporting the triple goal of better health outcomes, better patient care and lower costs.