Qualifacts is a leading provider of online software as a service (SaaS) and specialized electronic health record (EHR) services for mental and behavioral health professionals. Qualifacts CareLogic is a fully integrated EHR and practice management solution designed specifically for behavioral health professionals.


CareLogic defining characteristic is the company’s commitment to a unique and comprehensive behavioral health record for each customer. With a focus on unification, the team has instant and secure access to all key customer data and financial information, increasing efficiency and improving coordination of care and clinical outcomes.

A clinic’s registration process will be transformed as CareLogic’s intuitive, customizable registration tools align with their existing registration process, as well as automate the generation of claims and a seamless data flow from the client files to the billing module. This will improve practice efficiency. This will be true regardless of the number of suppliers you have.

Vendors can fully customize their experience by creating an unlimited number of service templates and forms with an intuitive designer tool included that requires no assistance from Qualifacts, although assistance is available if desired. With CareLogic’s SaaS implementation, an office can deploy CareLogic without spending as much time and money on a physically installed on-premises product. And because the software and all data is securely stored in the cloud, traditional backup is not necessary.


A CareLogic user was exhausted from a previous EHR implementation and was unable to use all of the program’s features. Although the provider called the installation a “success”, the lack of functionality of the older EHRs forced the healthcare provider to revert to older, non-EHR compliant methods of serving their customers. After implementing CareLogic, the client’s physicians increased patient volume by 25% in the first month and saw a significant reduction in overall costs.