Developed specifically for behavioral (mental) health and social service organizations, CareLogic is an ONC-certified web-based electronic health record system (EHR) that can manage patient health data efficiently and effectively. Our highly configurable EHR software provides providers with a robust set of clinical, administrative and financial functions including: scheduling, admission, treatment planning, benefit documentation, electronic prescribing, customer retention, billing and reporting.


If you work for a social services and behavioral health organization, chances are you chose this career for reasons beyond just a paycheck. By helping individuals and families struggling with the challenges of addiction, developmental disabilities, and mental health issues, you are giving them much-needed hope for a healthier, happier future.

Check Out The Amazing Portal Benefits

Ease of Use – The software is easy to use and understand, as noted by 92% of reviewers who mentioned ease of use.

Customize – Your forms and features can be customized to suit any use case, as noted by over 72% of reviewers citing personalization.

Browsing – Navigating through different tools and options is easy, as reported by 85% of browsing-related users.

Configure – The system is highly configurable, as noted by approximately 73% of reviewers specifying the configuration.

Calendar-based – The calendar is easy to use.

Appointment Documentation – There is no question of what to fill out when a customer arrives.

Prescription software integration with PDMP – no need to visit government websites.

CareLogic is good at keeping customer summaries on every page. At a glance, I can see most of the information a customer needs, like B. Image, insurance, plan, and links to relevant notes.

I’ve never tried the CareLogic mobile app, but if it’s so convenient to host CareLogic in the cloud, that would be a big plus. Because CareLogic is hosted in the cloud, I can access it from certain system-approved devices.